Wimberley library saving muddy photos from flood debris

Volunteers are helping librarians save thousands of pictures found among the flood debris in Wimberley.

"All of these pictures tell a story," said Mike Daniel who was volunteering Friday.

"They say family, they say history, they say community," Daniel added.

People scouring the debris in Wimberley are finding pieces of their neighbor's lives.

"There are pictures all up and down the banks and items we found, license plates, dolls, suitcases," said Norman Nolen who dropped off items at the library Friday.

The library staff is providing sanctuary to all of those things the flood left behind.

"Hopefully it doesn't take their hope and spirit and all their stuff," said Steve Simpson who was also volunteering to clean off muddy pictures.

Volunteers said they are hoping to save the happier history of Wimberley.

"Pictures are something that's so important to so many people," said Kristina Minor, teen librarian at Wimberley Village Library.

Minor said she is thankful for volunteers that are helping to clean off the mud and sort through the images.

"You've got to be pretty careful. You rub them too hard, you rub everything off," said Simpson.

No one at the library knew just how big of a task they'd signed up for.

"Oh, I can't even judge. I have no idea. I can't even do the number. You think it's a thousand?" asked Minor.

Friday, so many pictures decorated the back room of the busy library.

"Well, wouldn't it be nice if every single picture got to go home," said Minor.

"About 10 minutes ago a gentleman brought in this drawer that, from my understanding, belonged to someone in the U.S. Army or belonged to their family," said Daniel.

Volunteers hope that even though the lives people knew along the Blanco River may have been shattered by the flood, the memories will never fade away.