Winter storm continues to cripple small Texas towns 

Many folks in small towns continue to struggle due to a lack of water, power, and even damages to their homes and businesses.

"It’s challenging right now we’re going through unprecedented times for sure we’re still struggling with water," said Jaime Rae Church who lives in Granger.

Church spoke to FOX 7 Austin on her cell phone as her home and many others in the area or without power as well as water. The only way she’s been able to keep her phone charged is thanks to her car. "Our vehicles have been a saving grace for us for sure," said Church.



The harsh winter storm damaged her house. "We had a leak in the roof, the amount of weight from snow and ice up there actually leaked so the whole sidewall has come down so cabinets are ruined, floors are ruined, it’s a bit challenging for us," said Church.

it’s not just her house that took a hit; her business the Cotton Country Club also hit hard as pipes burst. Until the electricity returns and the ice melts, she said they can’t do much to begin repairs on both her home and business.

"We’ve been blessed, people have been coming to bring us coffee and bringing us food so we’re really thankful for that," said Church.

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What also concerns her is her friends and family in nearby towns dealing with similar problems. "Many of us are immobilized where we can’t go and help family and friends that are in dire needs. We just can’t get there, where I stand I have several family members in the Hutto, in the Taylor area, have been without power for almost 5 days now and no water and pipes burst and I can’t get there to help them," said Church.

Williamson County officials tell FOX 7 Austin that they’re trying to assist the small towns, Granger was given a generator, and Florence was given water. However, treacherous roads make it difficult to get to the small towns.

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Folks like Church say while they wait for government help it’s neighbors helping neighbors in the meantime.