Witness recalls details of fatal Bastrop Shooting

Bastrop authorities have released the identities of the victims of Saturday's fatal shooting at a Bastrop apartment complex. Police said the victims are: Erica Rodriguez, 21, Paula Nino, 20, an unidentified three-year-old boy, and Alejandro Martinez, 20, who witnesses said is the alleged gunman.

For some residents of the Arbors of Bastrop Apartments, Saturday night was shaping up to be like any other. However this quiet evening quickly ended with gun shots.

"We were all sitting at the pool and all of a sudden we heard gunfire. Pow, pow, pow, pow, pow. Then my friend came running from around the apartment said 'there are dead bodies on the ground!'"

A witness, who requested her identity not be revealed, said she and some friends were headed back to their apartment from the pool but what she saw next she says will always haunt her.

"Then we walked around and saw the dead bodies on the ground. With a lady laying face down and another lady was holding a baby. She was trying to shield the baby and apparently the baby got shot too and then the guy shot himself," she said.

Authorities in Bastrop have not released any new details of the shooting or the identities of the suspect and victims. However the witness said she knew the suspect and his family.

"They were really nice. They were in the pool last week with us, swimming, having a good time. And now, all of a sudden, this happened."

The investigation is still ongoing and while authorities try to figure out what led to the shooting, neighbors are struggling to return to their normal lives.

"We are all just so traumatized to see that. Those people laying on the ground like that had been shot. It's just a tragedy." The witness said, "It hit hard you know because you never know, you're hear today and then you're gone today and it just hit hard, to see that happen."

The shooting is being investigated by the Bastrop Police Department, Bastrop County Sheriff's Office, and the Texas Rangers. Authorities are not releasing the names of the suspect or victims however several residents from around the complex,  who said they knew the suspect, said he was a Hispanic male in his early 20's.

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