Family, friends of woman murdered at grave site speak out

A second suspect has been arrested for the death of a woman who was shot while visiting her son's grave in March.

Yolanda N'Gaojia's son, Amir, died in January. She visited his grave in Kileen on his birthday. He would've been 22.

Yolanda's other children, Sierra and Qur'an, were on FaceTime with her.

"My sister-in-law was running, and I asked what was going on, and she said that they were shooting, and she was hiding," Sierra said.

"I kind of just felt like it was like somebody was playing a joke, and I was like, it wasn't funny," Qur'an said.

17-year-old Christian Weston and 20-year-old Demario Moore were arrested.

"It wasn't targeted, actually. It was just to somebody else, and she was just caught in the fire. I guess they got the wrong person," Sierra said.

Police haven't released a motive.


"She's getting the justice she deserves, and I don't really know how to feel. It doesn't bring any peace," Sierra said.

"For any kid out there that's involved in the stuff they're involved in, just think. Just think, because you ruined your own life. You ruined somebody else's life," Nina said.

"I miss her. Her energy, her laughter," Qur'an said. "When I'm telling my story, I feel like sometimes I could be making it up, but it's real life."

"She was my go-to for everything," Sierra said.

"She wasn't my friend, she was my sister, she was my mentor, she was like a mother to me," Nina said.

She met Yolanda in the National Guard 15 years ago. Yolanda took her in.

"That was our very first encounter, she didn't even second guess it," Nina said. "She tried so hard to make sure everyone was on the right path, she looked out for all the soldiers and everybody she knew."

Nina says Yolanda would refer to themselves as Superwomen.

"Every time we would get dressed, do our makeup, wear a dress, look pretty, she would always tell me, 'we wear boots to work,' she was just an amazing woman. That's how I want her to be remembered, as our Wonder Woman," she said.