Woman upset after car stuck in wet cement

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A woman claims she unknowingly parked her car in wet cement because she did not see any indication the area was under construction, but DeKalb County disputes her claim.

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Eleysia Morris claims there was no signage or flags indicating the concrete was wet when she parked her car Tuesday in front of her dad's house in DeKalb County.

Taylor told FOX 5 she contacted DeKalb County, they told her she would be liable for the damages and not them.

DeKalb County sent FOX 5 a statement Wednesday, disputing Taylor's claim:

"Shortly after noon on June 20, a motorist drove her red BMW car into wet concrete; inside the construction site, disregarding an installed and permitted traffic signal system, traffic barricades and flaggers. Contractors for DeKalb County were installing concrete cap as part of a new 18-inch force main pipeline system in the vicinity of 6333 Rockland Road. A tow truck was called to extricate the vehicle. However, they were unable to do so since the concrete had set up and prevented them from removing the car. The DeKalb County contractor is mobilizing to remove the concrete and extricate the car so that it can be towed from the construction site, since it is impacting public safety."


The county claims that Taylor disregarded an installed and permitted traffic signal system, traffic barricades, and flaggers.

Taylor told FOX 5 she is upset because the car was a brand new graduation gift.

DeKalb County officials say that they are working to “remove the concrete and extricate the car” so it can be towed.