Woman's hairdressing video on TikTok says we're all washing our hair wrong

There’s an "art" to washing hair.

That’s what Kami Kirschbaum has taught TikTok users who haven’t quite mastered the skill. On Thursday, Oct. 28, the 22-year-old beauty influencer shared a quick hair washing tutorial not knowing it would go viral with more than 1.4 million views.

Her 17-second video, which is titled "Tips from a former hairdresser," demonstrates the wrong and right way to shampoo hair.

Instead of rubbing in shampoo at the top of your head, Kirschbaum recommends scrubbing your scalp with your fingertips in sections. She also went on to note that it’s important to scrub at the crown and nape, which she says is "the most forgotten part." 


Kami Kirschbaum told Fox News she moved to Stockholm, Sweden from Pittsburgh at the age of 19 for school. There, she became a licensed hairdresser and has practiced the art for three years. But, now she's taking a break to focus on social media marke

Kirschbaum likes to cleanse her hair two to three times on wash days to make sure her hair is "squeaky clean," but she told Fox News this might not be necessary for people who wash their hair every day.

"I didn't say that everybody should wash two or three times. I need the shampoo two or three times to make up for the other times because my hair has texture and I let it go for four days to a week in between washes," Kirschbaum said. "People who wash daily should absolutely not wash two to three times."

If your hair feels dry after shampooing, Kirschbaum suggests using a moisturizing cleanser, conditioner or hair mask.

Kirschbaum, who is a licensed hairdresser in Sweden and is temporarily based in Pittsburgh, believes salon-quality products are the way to go.

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"I recommend salon-quality hair products over what you can get in the drugstore because they are made to actually help the hair," Kirschbaum told Fox. "Whether it is protecting the hair from damage, whether it is colored treated, whether it's volume, whether it's for fine hair, it's a lot more specific and a lot more targeted. You can control more of how you want your hair."

Kirschbaum joined TikTok in May 2020 and since then she’s shared videos ranging from beauty, fashion and self-help.

Using her hairdressing background, Kirschbaum has been sharing haircare and styling methods that are practiced by salon professionals. While she didn’t foresee her hair washing video going viral, she told Fox she felt moved to share the tutorial because she’s seen many people fail to get the results they want.

"A lot of people have product or oil buildup and they don’t even know it," Kirschbaum said. "You need to clean the hair. Properly washing the hair will never damage it."


Kami Kirschbaum took her hairdressing skills to TikTok to show people how to wash their hair properly. The video has amassed 1.4 million views in six days. (Kami Kirschbaum)

Commenters have chimed in on Kirschbaum’s video. Some TikTok users couldn’t believe that there are people who say they don’t know how to properly wash their hair. Only a brave few admitted that they learned how to do it right later in life.

"I didn’t expect this," Kirschbaum said. "One girl said, ‘I didn't know how to wash my hair until I was 25. And I learned it on TikTok.’ She continued, ‘It feels so much better now.’ That’s honestly the best part to me. All I want to do is help people."

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