Family of young Austin mother killed in road rage attack asks for help identifying shooter

The family of a young mother gunned down in a road rage incident with three children in her car is asking the public for help identifying her killer. 

22-year-old Elizabeth Lopez was fatally shot in the head while driving on East Stassney Lane Friday night. Austin Police believe the shooter’s motive was road rage. 

"Why? You took her! Why did you take my baby away from me?" asked Lopez’s mother, Angela — who requested FOX 7 Austin only identify her by her first name. She cried, "She was my best friend. My only daughter." 

Witnesses tell FOX 7 Austin Lopez lost control of her vehicle, crashing through the gate of the Griffis SoCo apartments and slamming into several parked cars. Multiple residents rushed to help. 

Lopez’s two sons, ages one and four, were in the backseat. Her family friend, whom she considered a little sister, was in the passenger seat. The three were uninjured. 

"You could have taken their life away. You could have. But God was watching over them too. Watching over my babies, her babies." said Angela. 

The shooting happened around 8:40 p.m. Police believe the killer was driving a light colored sedan.

"All I know is there's a vehicle out somewhere that has a psycho out there on the loose and that is willing to hurt anybody that crosses his or her path," said Lopez’s brother, Joshua.

Detectives are asking anyone with information to contact them at 512-974-TIPS. Tips may also be submitted anonymously through or 512-472-8477. 

"Do what’s right for my babies," Angela pleaded. 

Angela is now raising Lopez’s children. Lopez’s three brothers have promised to help. 

"They got three grown men. And we're going to turn them into amazing men, wonderful men. And they're going to know how much their mother loved and cared for them every day. We are going to tell them every day how much she loved them," said Joshua.

Angela said she talked with her daughter about planning her wedding soon — now she is planning her funeral. She wants the ceremony to be a similar celebration of life. "It might sound crazy, but it’s not to us. It’s something that will help us heal," she explained. 

The family started a GoFundMe for funeral expenses and to help Lopez’s children. 

Lopez’s brother Pascual said she was working to purchase a home for her sons. 

"Her boys were her pride and joy. She did what she did every day because of them. And someone just took her from them." said Joshua.