FIFA World Cup 2022: Fans pack North Austin bar to watch Mexico vs Poland game

Mexico fans packed a bar in North Austin to cheer on the team against Poland in the 2022 FIFA World Cup game.

"Honestly, it's one of the craziest things I have ever seen here in Austin," said Daniel Garza, Assistant Manager with Ojos Locos.

Garza says the staff at Ojos Locos has been preparing for this crowd for over two months. He says he knew the early morning game would not stop fans from coming out to support team Mexico. 

In fact, some fans traveled from all over Central Texas just to watch the game in at the bar.

"The energy here. It's another level," said Garza.

The game was filled with ups and downs, and although it ended in a draw and not a win for Mexico like the fans hoped for, they say they would not have spent their morning any other way.