Glenn High School girls basketball team gets chance at playoffs

The girls high school basketball playoffs begin next week, and one of Leander's newest programs has one of the best chances at making a run to state.

The Glenn Grizzlies girls basketball team has a lot of love for each other.

"They have fun together," Kenny Mann, head coach of the team, said.

"Everyone gets along," Marissa Hernandez, junior guard for the team, said.

"It's very rare to get along with everybody," Mariah Houston, senior guard on the team, said. "Instead of being jealous of each other, we're very supportive of each other in every accomplishment we have."

The Grizzlies, who are ranked seventh in the state, have definitely accomplished a lot this season, thanks in part to a new head coach, and the sacrifice made by one of their star players, senior guard Mariah Houston.

"She was one that they had called upon to do a lot of the scoring in previous years," Coach Mann said. "She willingly kind of stepped away from that and took a back door a little bit to fit the system that we're running."

"I have to be there for my team," Houston said. "It's not individual, and it's not individual for them as well. And how much I've grown is, like, thinking about more of my teammates than myself, is what helped me a lot."


"Everyone contributes something different to the team, and everyone together just has made this team, you know, who we are today," Hernandez said. "And that's why we've been doing, we've been so successful this season."

The Grizzlies saw a lot of success last season as well, winning over 20 games and making the playoffs. The only problem: their postseason appearance was short-lived, as they were knocked out in the first round.

"Just talking with these girls from day one, you know that's on their mind, and it's been on their mind all year long," Coach Mann said. "They're all hungry, and they allwant to play. They all want to be on the floor. But they're all willing to sacrifice for the good of the whole, and I think that's really made the difference for us this year."