Johnny Manziel at Spring League finale

The Spring League finale gave Austin area football fans one last peek at Johnny Manziel's comeback. 

The Texas A&M Heisman winner wasn't happy at all with his first game at Kelly Reeves but showed a lot of improvement just five days later.

Highlights included a 50 yard pass to Baylor alum Antwuan Goodley and a 19 yard touchdown run from Manziel. The last time most people saw one of those was in 2014 when Manziel made his only rushing touchdown in his two seasons with the Cleveland Browns.

Manziel's team lost but Manziel feels there's been a lot of good things in the process.

"Main answer everybody wants to hear is do I think somebody is gonna sign me.  I have no control over that. I'm happy again. I'm healthy again. Like I said last week, I repaired a lot of relationships. I've repaired a lot of myself," Manziel says.

Manziel added, "I got to come back onto a football field and walk out on the line and take a snap from under center.  I got to throw it to receivers. I got to hand it off to running backs, and I got to have teammates again.  I missed it.  And I'm very happy, and I'm very thankful everything went good. I'm thankful for this league, and I'm thankful for the guys that had my back the entire time."