Texas head football coach Tom Herman talks about next season, Ehlinger's COVID-19 GoFundMe

 University of Texas Longhorns head football coach Tom Herman is keeping football in proper perspective.

"...These two weeks...winning any kind of championship has been pretty far from my mind," Herman says. "It's been about the safety and well being of our players. It's been about my family. It's been about our community."

But there still is an upcoming season that Herman needs to start thinking about. Fortunately the Big XII is now allowing two hours a week of video conferencing with players.

"it's critical you know...especially to think with new offensive and defensive schemes. To not have this where we would be at a development standpoint I can't even imagine," Herman says.

"Now that we're starting football meetings on apps like...Zoom...it has a whiteboard feature where you can talk about video back and forth so yeah we're going to use it to its fullest capacity," Herman adds.

This is of course assuming there will be a college football season at all for Herman and other coaches to prep for. 

Herman says to weeks ago he couldn't have imagined a fall without football but with all the information that's out there Herman says he could see it possibly happening.

Herman also spoke about quarterback Sam Ehlinger. 

Ehlinger, a former Westlake High School standout, has started a GoFundMe for COVID-19 relief with the goal of raising $1 million.

"I would have been surprised had he not started a GoFundMe page!" Herman says. "The fact that he did it is no shock to me and certainly that's not to diminish what he's doing and trying to do. You've come to expect that from (Ehlinger)."