World Series Game 1 tickets selling for more than $10,000

Houston Astros fans are hustling to find tickets to the World Series, but tickets to games one and two are sold out!

This leaves many fans at the mercy of the resale market. Tickets on StubHub are selling for as much as $10,500 with low-end tickets selling for as cheap as $369.

Those $369 tickets are standing-room-only! still have a few seated tickets left for less than $400 at the time of this article's publishing. 

Fans should make sure to use digital platforms that give you digital tickets of your own instead of paper tickets sold on websites like Craigslist and Facebook.

Scammers sell printed tickets, only to turn around and use the digital version of those tickets. Victims are usually left with no options to gain admission to sold-out sporting events like the World Series.

If you buy printed tickets, look for the MLB's logo on those tickets. It's a hologrammed image that is hard to reproduce.

The MLB is providing the latest information on World Series tickets on their website. Continue to check it throughout the series.

Of course, if you can't get to the game, you can always watch it on FOX!