Officials offer safety tips for triple-digit heat this summer

The month of June is wrapping up, which means it's officially summer season here in central Texas.

Austin is forecast to see temperatures hit triple digits on the Fourth of July and a good chunk of Central Texas is under a heat advisory until 7 p.m. tonight (June 29).

FOX 7 Austin's Adaleigh Rowe reminds us of some signs to look for to avoid heat-related illnesses.

"With heat exhaustion you're feeling faint or dizzy, excessive sweating is a sign. Cool, pale clammy skin, rapid weak pulse and muscle cramps," says meteorologist Adaleigh Rowe.

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These high temperatures can be very dangerous for anyone, and ATCEMS says they make sure the ambulances have the proper equipment to handle heat-related calls this summer.

"The goal is to bring their body temperature down, as safely as possible, so we can kind of control the rate at which we get this," said an EMS medic.

The heat is here to stay, so it's important to listen to your body: take breaks when you're outside and stay hydrated.

"Pre-hydration and, you know, doing your exercise or lawn care in the early morning hours or the later hours of that, you know, wearing loose, light-fitting clothing, all of those things that we preach all the time before," says ATCEMS Capt. Darren Noak.

Pet owners are also being reminded to not forget to keep your pets safe during the heat.

" If you notice your dog overheating. One common misconception is spraying them completely down with water. That can actually trap the heat. So, you want to just spray their paws down. Because they don't sweat like we do. Spraying their paws down is how they sweat," says Lauren Heymann, clinic program senior manager at APA.

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