VIDEO: Incredible pollen storm caught on camera

How bad is the pollen this season, you ask? One New Jersey resident has the answer in the form of a now-viral video.

Jennifer Henderson says her husband was at work on Monday in Cumberland County when he decided to tap a tree with his digger loader.

The moment the machine tapped the tree, a pollen storm was afoot.

Julia Lowe Ehrhardt is an allergy sufferer and a tree hugger. The program coordinator with Tyler Arboretum in Middletown Township says those with allergies can blame mother nature’s rollercoaster of a spring.

"It was like three seasons in one week. Well, the plants couldn’t make up their mind, so the early plants are late meaning the cool spring kind of delayed them and the late spring is early."

She says blooming male maple, birch and oak trees are the main culprits—add in a little wind and those pollen particles can travel up to 400 miles a day.

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