"12th St. Big Dre" was playing dominoes when he was shot, police say

To many in East Austin, Andre Davis Sr. was a hometown hero.

“He was more than a pillar, he was a heart for the community ,” said Andre Davis Jr. "Everyone knew who he was, he's given so much to people, whether it’s a helpful word, a smile or laugh...even money he had to give he would give it."

Davis Sr was gunned down on the night of April 9 in Givens Park. On Thursday, police arrested 25-year-old Glenn Madison Deal in connection to his death. He is charged with capital murder.

“I woke up to quite a few calls. Mom had called me and we talked about it,” said Davis Jr.

According to court paperwork, Deal and an accomplice approached Andre Davis Sr. and a group of his friends as they played dominoes at Givens Park that night. They shot at Davis Sr, killing him and emptying his pockets. This comes after police say the pair robbed another nearby dominoes table minutes earlier.

“As long as we can get all the people who are responsible and we can make sure that justice is fully served,” said Davis Jr.

They say time heals, but the grief still hits Davs Jr. each and every day.

“He inspired a lot of decisions in my life. He was a father for me, and a father figure for a lot of other people,” said Davis Jr.

An arrest may not bring "Big Dre" back, but it can bring some closure to his family which continues to wonder why someone would kill a beloved figure in the community.

“It's a question we replay and we can't change time the way things happen,” said Davis Jr. "Sometimes you question, is this real life? It is and now we have to figure out how to deal with it, how to move forward and carry on for him."

If you have any information about this case, or the whereabouts of the other suspect, call the Austin Police Department tip line at 512-472-TIPS. You can report tips anonymously.