'Heroes': Florida girls use toys, hair dryer to fight off man attacking their mother, police say

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence or in a violent relationship, help is available. The National Domestic Violent Hotline is 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE), or text "START" to 88788. If in a life-threatening situation, call 911.

Two little girls – twins – are being hailed as heroes after they defended their mother with toys and a hair dryer when her ex-boyfriend attacked her, according to the mom and the Melbourne Police Department.

"I think my daughters are heroes," said mom Misheara Hill, who spoke exclusively with FOX 35, and gave permission for her daughters to be interviewed.

Hill said her boyfriend, Andrew William Jr. attacked her inside their apartment. Unable to call 911 right away, that it when her twins stepped in to defend her – using "toys, sticks, and a hair dryer' to protect their mom, police said.

"I am begging them to come back because I know what he would do to me. But they didn’t stop. It was a frenzy. She had the drumstick. She had the blow-dryer, and they were just beating him," Hill said.

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After her boyfriend left, Hill was able to call 911 for help.

"We would die for mommy," one of the daughter's told FOX 35.

Police said Williams was located shortly after leaving the apartment and detained. Drugs were reportedly found on him. He was booked into jail, and then transferred to the Brevard County Sheriff's Office.