A quarter of pet owners want to make their pets famous on social media

People can't seem to stop chasing social media fame.

A new survey revealed that a significant number of pet owners hope they can make their pets famous on social media. This isn't surprising, considering that pictures of cats, dogs and other animals are often very popular on social media platforms.

Pet insurer ManyPets conducted the survey, the New York Post reports. Researchers surveyed 2,000 cat and dog owners about their pets' social media presence.

According to the report, one-third of the respondents admitted to making a social media page just for their pets.

Also, a majority of these pet owners admitted to spending more time on their pets' profile pages than on their own. Of course, they also reported that their pet pages typically had more followers than their own pages.

One-in-four respondents said that they hoped to turn their pets into social media stars, such as Grumpy Cat.

Not all pet owners were looking to create a unique presence on social media for their pets. About 40% of the respondents said they preferred to post images of their pets on their own profiles. These respondents also admitted to posting more images of their cats and dogs than of friends and family.

Of course, owning a pet that's famous enough to attract sponsorships through social media may help defer the costs of owning a dog or cat.

Fox Business previously reported that Rover released a report detailing the various factors that come with pet ownership in 2022. 

The company surveyed 1,000 pet owners and analyzed their spending habits.

While most pet owners believed that they were spending about $50 a month on their pets, it turns out that the costs could be anywhere from $40 to $290 a month.

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