After 30 years, emotional Sarasota officer makes final radio call

It was an emotional moment for a retiring Sarasota police officer as he said farewell on his last day on duty.

The Sarasota Police Department shared heartwarming video of Officer Andre Jenkins, who has served the city for three decades. During his last patrol shift, he went “10-7,” which means out of service. 

In the beginning of the video, shared on the agency’s Facebook page, Jenkins begins tearing up and takes a deep breath before saying “This will be my last transmission over the radio.”

While speaking on the police radio, Jenkins recalls his last 30 years with the Sarasota Police Department, and wishing everyone a "safe tour of duty."

“I’d like to thank all my SPD family for the last 30 years of being by my side, and especially for today for making them a memorable one. I had plenty of good times and a lot of good memories over my career and I appreciate it,” he says. “I’ll cherish them for the rest of my life.”  

By the end of his final transmission, Jenkins begins crying, as fellow officers and members of the police agency thanked him over the radio.

“It’s been a pleasure, brother.”

“Andre, thank you for everything. Congratulations on your retirement.”

“You earned it, buddy. Good job.”

With one more tear leaving his eye, Jenkins responds with, “Thank you all. God bless you.” 

The post was shared on Saturday, and also tweeted by the agency’s Twitter account. Within a day, the official Twitter account for President Trump retweeted it.