After vandalism, community helps secure Balcones Youth Sports Complex

About one year ago, vandals caused about $20,000 in damages to the Balcones Youth Sports Complex in North Austin, trashing the umpires room, shattering windows, leaving holes in walls and destroying the concession stand.

Balcones Youth Sports director of sponsorship Jonathan Stilley got right to work raising money to make repairs and the community stepped up to the plate.

"It was thousands of donations, thousands of people that were just like, ‘Yeah, we get it. We want to help these kids and help these folks out," Stilley said.

After FOX 7 Austin reported on the story, donations to Balcones Youth Sports topped $23,000, with several companies also signing on to partner with the facility.

"I don’t think that we would’ve had the response that we did without the help from you guys, and, so, FOX News here in Austin literally made a difference," said Stilley.

Volunteers have since installed new gates, lights, security cameras, window grates, and replaced the popcorn machine.

"Allowing us to stay open has impacted literally thousands of kids and tens of thousands of parents here in the Austin area," Stilley said.

For more information on how to sign up kids for youth sports, or to volunteer donate or learn more about Balcones Youth Sports visit

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