Officers involved in deadly shooting of Alex Gonzales Jr. will not be disciplined: APD

The Austin Police Department (APD) on-duty officer and off-duty officer involved in the death of Alex Gonzales Jr. will not face any consequences.

APD completed the administrative investigation, and Chief Joseph Chacon decided officers Gabriel Gutierrez and Luis Serrato will not be disciplined.

The deadly police shooting happened on Jan. 5, 2021, on Wickersham Lane in Southeast Austin.


Gonzales' girlfriend says Officer Gutierrez, who was off-duty at the time, cut off their vehicle before shooting at them.

Gutierrez claims he was the one cut off initially, and Gonzales flashed a gun.

Officer Serrato, who was on-duty, responded to the scene and shot Gonzales after he reached inside a back-door of his vehicle.

Gonzales' girlfriend says her boyfriend was reaching for their son to make sure he survived Officer Gutierrez' initial gunfire.

"These decisions are not made quickly or lightly. The investigation of the incident revealed that when Officer Gutierrez came into contact with Mr. Gonzales, he acted as a private citizen who defended himself in the face of a deadly threat. Ofc. Gutierrez was not in a police vehicle or police uniform. Further, the investigation showed that Officer Serrato's actions in response to the incident were in accordance with APD's policy and training. The Department recognizes the sensitive nature of the officer-involved shooting and is aware of the high level of public interest. The officers involved acted according to their training and APD policy," APD said in a statement.

Last month, a grand jury decided to not bring charges against the officers.

Earlier this week, Gonzales' mother called on Chief Chacon to fire the officers. However, based on the decision Thursday Officers Gutierrez and Serrato will not be fired.

Gonzales' family filed a civil lawsuit against the City of Austin and APD for accountability.