Arrest captured by security cam possibly related to N. Lamar shooting

An arrest made on Tuesday in North Austin caught on security cameras by a neighbor is believed to be connected to a recent deadly shooting.

However, the resident who captured the footage believes it points to a greater problem he’s experienced.

"I’ve been back here three years now," said Clayton Fidler. "It has literally fallen apart in 3 years."


Fidler is currently taking care of his mother and living at her home on Deen Avenue. His security cameras captured video of law enforcement making an arrest Tuesday afternoon at a transitional housing facility across the street.

The arrest is believed to be related to a deadly shooting on N. Lamar Boulevard last week, though APD has yet to confirm. Three people are suspected of being involved in the April 14 shooting outside a McDonald’s which resulted in the death of 18-year-old Kedarius Griffin.

Fidler voiced frustration after the recent incident. He said it’s not the first time he’s seen a raid or experienced violent altercations with residents. "I used to have a mower business here," he said. "It became impossible, between them attacking my customers and the aggressive panhandling."

Fidler said he’s had to take measures for his own safety and his mother’s, including setting up motion sensors and 16 security cameras around his property.


He believes the recent arrest highlights a bigger issue of the facility drawing the wrong kind of crowd and not having enough supervision. He also said there’s no easy answer or solution. "People with habits like some of these here, they have to support themselves right, and usually they feed off the community that they’re in," he said,

Fidler said he and his mother plan to move in July.

FOX 7 received a statement from the organization involved, which wanted to remain anonymous due to client privacy:

"The organization that supports tenants living in this apartment building stated that they do not own the building and that because there is regular illegal activity in the neighborhood, they have employed a security firm that is on the premises several hours a day and patrols the property several times day and night. The person arrested on the premises does not reside at this apartment building."