Astros fans pull out all the superstitious stops ahead of World Series Game 3

Many Astros fans are pulling out all the superstitious stops in hopes of turning around the Astros luck for World Series Game 3.

Space Montrose on Westheimer sold out of Astros prayer candles Thursday, but the owners restocked their supply the same day.

“We like to burn them and send all the good vibes to the Astros,” said Leila Peraza, co-owner of Space Montrose. “Wednesday I was getting call after call wanting candles, and then today my first call was for an Altuve candle.”

For the Astros travel day, fans tweeted plans for Astros prayer circles and lucky outfits.

“Yesterday I went to the game and I was wearing full Astros gear,” one fan told FOX 26. “We lost, so this morning I looked in my closet and said, I’m not wearing any Astros gear today.”

Some plotted lucky strategies for watching the game. “In our house, if the game has started: don’t switch seats with ANYBODY, don’t predict plays, and the TV volume is an odd number,” Veronica Reyes tweeted.

Some fans just plan to avoid the game for best luck.

“I’m a little worried that I’m a bad luck charm for the Astros, because I have been to two games where we have lost,” said Jessica Rodriguez. “So I think I’ll just stay away for the sake of my city.”

The players often have their own superstitions. Former player Eric King--drafted by the Astros in 2005--did a few things for good luck back in the day.

“During the season I would always grow out my hair,” said King. “I always had the pant legs down, and I would never wear them up. If I changed anything like that for one game, I would totally blame my performance--if it was bad--on doing something different.”

After the Game 2 loss, Jessica Ivins went to Better Luck Tomorrow on Yale Street in hopes of better luck tomorrow.

“You gotta believe anything can happen,” said Ivins. “The Nationals scored that many runs in one inning. So can the Astros. They can come back.”