Atlanta woman celebrates 104th birthday on Friday

An Atlanta woman is celebrating her 104th birthday on Friday. 

Louise Lewis Knowles was born on August 18, 1913, in Bartow County. She's known by loved ones as "Big Mama," "Mother Knowles," and "Aunt Louise."

Knowles grew up in Emerson, Georgia, where she met her husband, Rufus Kary Knowles. The couple got married on December 18, 1930, and had two children together, Willie Maude and Edna Louise. 

In 1934, the Knowles family relocated to Atlanta. Mrs. Knowles' husband passed away in 1960. 

Mrs. Knowles now lives with her daughter, Willie Maude, in northwest Atlanta. 

Loved ones told FOX 5 News Knowles is known for her zest for life. She's also a devoted Braves fan who witnessed Hank Aaron's historic 715th home-run. 

Knowles' goddaughter, Cynthia Birdie, described the elderly woman as "healthy, sharp, and beautiful." 

A special birthday celebration is taking place in Knowles' honor Friday afternoon.