Austin City Councilmember speaks out after break-ins, vandalism at Candlewood Suites

A northwest Austin hotel that will eventually be used for homeless housing by the city has been targeted.

Videos and pictures show people breaking into the Candlewood Suites and show the vandalism left behind. Appliances have been ripped out of the walls, most of the room doors are damaged, and trash and debris have been left behind.

"This damage spans all three floors of the building and nearly every room," said Councilmember Mackenzie Kelly, District 6. "I am both frustrated and appalled."

The hotel falls in Councilmember Kelly’s district. She visited the site herself on Wednesday and publicly addressed the problem on Thursday.

"I’m discouraged by the criminal activity in the area, because it does nothing but harm to individuals who were supposed to be receiving services at that location," she said. "As a city we need to not just protect the investment of that hotel, but we need to make sure that neighbors all across the board, the whole community, feel safe and secure where they live."

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  (Mackenzie Kelly)

Councilmember Kelly says she requested the issue be brought up in executive session during next week’s city council meeting. 

"This never should have happened, and the city needs to be held accountable for the results of this incident."

She said they plan to ensure there is 24/7 security assigned to the area. They will also discuss a contract with the company that will be renovating the building. Renovations were expected to take six months but may now be delayed.