Austin City Limits Festival goes green and clean

Austin City Limits Music Fest is in its second weekend.

Hundreds of people came to Zilker Park Saturday night to enjoy the live music.

When you throw an outdoor party as big as ACL a lot of mess can be left behind and cleanup efforts can take time and money. Which is why organizers encouraged attendees to help pick up the mess and recycle.

Most festival goers attended ACL to hang out with old friends, make new ones, and immerse themselves in their favorite music. Adrienna Gonzles said it was her first time attending ACL and said she was looking forward to seeing some of her favorites.

“I’m here to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Ice Cube,” said Gonzles.

Gonzles along with many other festival goers not only came for the music they came to help. “We are just going to walk around the park and pick up bottles, plastic bottles, cans, anything that people drink out of so we can help recycle,” said Gonzles.

Michael Mojica was another festival goer who was walking around collecting trash. “We want to help save the planet. Enjoy the scenery and everything going on around you but help pick up trash so when everyone leaves you don’t leave a mess for someone else to cleanup,“  said Mojica.

Susie Griffin said she was an avid recycler and said she was busy recycling. “I think it’s awesome.   If we could do this at every rock festival, it would be great because we are doing something positive and helping keep up the character of the festival fun and fresh,” said Griffin.

She said she was surprised to see how many people were helping. “Actually some people come up to me and would put cans and recyclable trash in the bag for me. So it’s pretty good,” said Griffin.

Recycling bins were located throughout Zilker Park grounds which helped keep the trash bins from overflowing. After the bags were filled each person would turn them into the Rock and Recycle program.

Every bag of recycled trash collected from ACL the Austin Parks foundation will donate $5 to the recycling and parks initiative. “I turned in my first bag this is my second and for every bag collected $5 will go towards funding recycle bins for Austin City Parks,” said Bonny Bentzin a visitor from California.

However, no good deed went unrecognized. Attendees who turned in a bag were given a free ACL t-shirt along with being entered to win a Fairdale bicycle. “This is helping out.  Even if I didn’t get something in return I would still do it and help out,” said Griffin.

“I just want to help out and do my part,” said Gonzles.