Austin Facebook group brings community together during coronavirus outbreak

An Austin doctor recently opened up a clinic to help others during the world pandemic. However, face masks, an item that seems to be highly sought after, is something he needed. So the doctor took to Facebook and the community response has been tremendous.
Dr. Garrick Baskerville opened the clinic for musicians, artists, techies and those in the service industry. This group has seen a huge shift in how they'll receive income so Dr. Garrick decided to lend a helping hand.

But what he didn't expect was to run out of supplies.

This week he posted in the Facebook group  "Covid-19 Community Assist- Austin, Texas"  about his need for face masks.

"Here we are in fear and uncertainty and people are hungry to help others...if a doctor needs face masks we're reaching out to the community and people are responding right away," said Lauren McKenzie, the woman who created the page. 

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Now more than 1,700 members strong and with dozens of posts each day, the page has blossomed into a shared network of people willing to help.  "It's grown into people babysitting and nannying for others or letting out dogs for overtime nurses resources for the community in need," Mckenzie. 

Mckenzie, who is a pre-med student at UT Austin and a bartender on the side, was recently furloughed and recognized there were so many neighbors that want to assist others.

If you're looking to lend a hand, you can find the page here.



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