Authorities recover body from Pedernales River

Sunday, the Travis County Sheriff's Office recovered a body from the Pedernales River.

They said a man in his 50s was reported missing Sunday and they believe the body could be that man.

The missing man was last seen on a private boat dock around 3:30 Saturday afternoon near the 500 block of Nomad Drive. 

“We immediately dispatched our lake patrol unit because our last known location was on a dock, so we couldn't rule out the water as being a possibility where this person might be,” said Kristen Dark, spokesperson for the Travis County Sheriff’s Office.

Just an hour and a half after the sheriff's office was alerted about the missing man, their lake patrol unit discovered a body in the river.

“The missing person reported to us is a white male in his 50s and, based on what we've been able to ascertain so far, it does appear that we have a white male in the water,” Dark said. 

It was difficult for investigators and the medical examiner to access the body because of the location where it was discovered.

“Access to this area is challenging because we don't have a boat ramp, we don't have an area that's designed to be bringing people or boats in and out, it's rough terrain and has to be hiked down to,” said Dark. 

The death is being called suspicious at this time. It will continue to be treated as suspicious unless the medical examiner rules otherwise, but because this is the second possible drowning at the Pedernales River this year; authorities want to remind everyone to take precautions around the water.

“Large bodies of water can be deceptive, so you always want to be respectful, be mindful if you're drinking alcohol that you'll become intoxicated quicker in the hot sun, and always remember that water safety devices, floatation devices properly worn will save a life,” Dark said. 

The identity of the body will be released after a positive identification by the medical examiner and notification of next of kin.