Bakers create sweet treats featuring Dr. Anthony Fauci during coronavirus pandemic

Bakers in New York, one of the places hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic, are paying homage to Dr. Anthony Fauci by putting the face of the infectious disease expert on donuts.

Nick Semeraro, owner of Donuts Delight said he is selling approximately 100 Fauci donuts an hour.

The edible-image donut is a tribute to one of the leading doctors researching the COVID-19 pandemic and its risks.


The idea of baking sweet treats with Fauci's face on them is spreading across the nation.

In Wisconsin, Uncle Mike’s Bake Shoppe is putting Fauci’s image on cookies.

Baker’s at J-B Bakery in New Jersey are also following suit, making Fauci donuts with butterscotch “COVID” cream dipped in ‘quarrantini’ sprinkles.