Barton Springs Bathhouse could be renamed

The Austin Parks and Recreation Board is recommending that the Barton Springs Bathhouse be renamed.

The Parks Board recently discussed their recommended name changes for the bathhouse at Barton Springs Pool.

Potential new names include (in no particular order):

  • Means Bathhouse - this name reflects the important works of the Means family, including Joan Means Khabele and her mother, Bertha Sadler means, a civil rights activist in Austin.
  • Joan Means Khabele Bathhouse - this name reflects the instrumental role of Joan Means Khabele in desegregating Barton Springs Pool
  • Means-Martinez Bathhouse - this name reflects the joint contributions of Joan Means Khabele and David Martinez with desegregating Barton Springs Pool
  • Yanaguana Springs Bathhouse – a Coahuiltecan word, yanaguana means "spirit waters" and can also be used a term to refer to a spring feature
  • Tza Wan Pupako Springs Bathhouse – the Coahuiltecan used the term "Tza Wan Pupako" to refer specifically to Barton Springs

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The proposal also went outside its scope, suggesting that Barton Springs should be renamed due to namesake William Barton's history as a slave owner.

The City Council will decide on the recommendations at a future meeting.