Baton Rouge law enforcement honored at memorial

The country is in shock today after more police officers were shot and killed in the line of duty this weekend.

In a press conference on Monday, Louisiana law enforcement revealed there is no doubt 29-year-old shooter Gavin Long from Kansas City was deliberately targeting law enforcement. He was killed by police in the shootout yesterday but not after killing 3 law enforcement officers. Tonight there was a candlelight vigil at Healing Place Church honoring officer Matthew Gerald.

Hundreds arrived just before dusk and took a candle. Church representatives told the crowd this wasn't a political rally so put any anger over past events to the side. This was a time to reflect, pray and think about where to go from here. 

A songwriter sang a song he'd written about the 'thin blue line'..with lyrics like "I cross the thin blue line and hope to make it back again." 

Earlier we were at the site of where the officers were killed.  It's now become a memorial.

Timothy Williams spoke highly of Baton Rouge law enforcement.

"America is a first world country. We would not be first world unless we had a great police force.  And I think black people and all people need to know that.  I'm African American and I understand that...that we're great because of law enforcement.  No one's perfect but we've got the best on the face of the earth," Williams said.

There will be another vigil Tuesday at 7 P.M. honoring all three officers.