Beto O'Rourke cursing his way through his campaign

Beto O’Rourke has been getting a lot of attention during his presidential campaign for his stance on gun control, but is his potty mouth overshadowing his proposals? Beto’s supporters love his energy, and how relatable he is to everyday people, but is he harming his race for the White House by constantly using profanity, or is it a way to stay in the spotlight?

Mark Jones a professor at Rice University weighs in on this discussion.

"Barack Obama did not drop F-bombs. George W. Bush did not drop F bombs, but Beto O’Rourke drops them right and left," Jones said.

Whether he is addressing a crowd or on social media, the former congressman from El Paso can’t stop himself from swearing. FOX 26 attended the presidential candidate’s party following last week’s debate, which was held in Houston. His supporters were cheering when he dropped the F-bomb, but not every Houstonian is onboard.

"If you want to get your point across, there’s a way to get it across without having to use those kind of words, that’s just my opinion so what I think that’s a good candidate, I don’t think so," says Roxanna Poralez.

Cindy Macedo also agrees telling us "If he is using profanity then no, no he shouldn’t be running.

Jones tells us the reason why he believes Beto swears, saying, "I think part of that is to do with his personality as a still adolescent 46-year-old, but part of it is also strategic because when he swears people will notice and they are more likely to pay attention to what he is doing, and when you are languishing at 3 percent of the polls in the third tier you need to do something to jumpstart your campaign."

Many feel O’Rourke’s campaign is appealing to the younger voters, which is why he takes this approach, but he needs to appeal to voters of all ages.

"Many older voters, particularly those 50 and older are going to look at dropping F-bombs and S-bombs as not particularly presidential, and are probably going to hold it against him, but at this stage Beto has nothing to lose so why not try it," says Jones.

The fourth Democratic primary debate will be held next month. We will see if Beto’s foul language will hold him over to the fifth debate.