San Marcos school staff member charged after student found loaded gun inside backpack

A staff member was charged after a student found a gun inside the staff member's backpack on a San Marcos school campus, according to police.

Police said on Oct. 12, officers were notified that a gun was found on the Bonham Prekindergarten campus.

The gun was brought onto campus by an instructional assistant and the gun was kept unsecured inside the staff member’s backpack.

A four-year-old student found the gun, removed it from the backpack, and placed it on a table inside the classroom. 


When the gun was found, the classroom teacher removed students from the room. A school marshal that was on campus confiscated and secured the gun before contacting the San Marcos Police Department. 

SMPD determined the gun was loaded when it was found by the student. No shots were fired on campus and there were no injuries. 

The instructional assistant will be charged with Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon in a gun-free zone.