Brock Turner registers as sex offender in Ohio

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Former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner, who was released from jail last Friday, officially arrived at the Greene County Sheriff's department in Ohio Tuesday morning to register as a sex offender.

At the department he filled out a questionnaire in which he stated he didn't know the victim's eye color. For her race Turner apparently wrote something down, crossed it off, and wrote "American." It's unclear what he initially wrote. 

Mobile app users can watch the video of Turner at the sheriff's department here. 

The move is part of Turner's sentence after being convicted for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on the Stanford campus back in 2015.  

He must also serve three years probation.

This comes after Turner walked out of a Santa Clara County jail early Friday morning, just about three months after he started serving time for the sexual assault.

Turner, who was released at 6:07 a.m. Friday, was dressed in street clothes and walked out by himself without an attorney, family, or friends and whisked away in a waiting SUV.

There were some protesters as Turner left jail. One woman yelled "loser" at Turner as he got into the SUV. One woman told KTVU, "I wanted to hurt him. I'm not a violent person but - anger, disgust."

The vehicle he was riding on hopped on and off the freeway several times. KTVU photojournalist Tony Hodrick spoke to Turner as he arrived at a local hotel. Turner did not respond to Hodrick's questions. Turner was with his mom and another person. Hodrick asked Turner if he would like to apologize and Turner, who was wearing sunglasses inside the hotel, did not respond.