Build, don't break, says Rep Williams on Biden infrastructure plan

U.S. Rep. Roger Williams (R-TX) met with members of the Lake Travis Fire & Rescue department Thursday morning. A flag flown over the nation's Capitol was presented to the crew in recognition of the rescues and work they did during the recent ice storm.

"For those people who want to say that we’re spending too much on law enforcement and first responders you come around and meet these guys, they’re wrong, we are right," said Williams.

Williams is not as enthusiastic about President Joe Biden‘s $2.25 trillion infrastructure plan. In announcing it on Wednesday the president essentially promised something for everyone.


"This plan is important not only for what and how it builds, but also important to where we build. It includes everyone, regardless of your race, your zip code. Too often, economic growth and recovery is concentrated on the coast. Too often, investments have failed to meet the needs of marginalized communities left behind," said President Biden at his announcement in Pennsylvania.

Rep. Williams said he has not yet seen anything specific for his district. He said he supports a plan to build roads and bridges, but he is also worried about the tax hike the president is planning to pay for it.

"We need to do it without a tax increase, you are going to burden small business, Main St. America something awful, by having them increase taxes, you’re gonna find businesses that are gonna have to cut employees, cut expenses, to pay for the taxes," said Williams.


Williams anticipates there will be a spirited debate over the infrastructure plan, but he also knows the road to economic recovery goes through every vaccination hub. That’s why he toured a clinic in Bee Cave. The healthcare workers he met, like clinic manager Brian Wilder, made it clear their focus remains on the COVID-19 vaccine supply line.

Wilder had a message for Congressman Williams to take back to Washington, DC: "Keep it coming, every shipment we get we typically go through in a few days it was a little touch and go at first hoping we would get another shipment in time for people do for their second dose it’s gotten a lot better in the last couple of months but just keep coming as much as you can’" said Wilder.

Officials with Amtrak are on board with the Biden plan. If it’s approved the rail provider says it could move forward and build new service lines through Austin as part of a triangle linking San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas.