Burglar hides inside Macy's to steal jewelry

A suspected burglar was caught on camera walking around Macy’s in the Lakeline Mall after hours. Austin police need your help identifying the person who camped out in the store and waited for it to close before making his move.

“A male subject entered the store prior to the store closing when it was still available to the public,” said Austin Police Detective Nathan Bosworth. According to police, a person stole an extensive amount of jewelry. “The exact amount will remain undisclosed at this time,” said Bosworth.

In the video you can see him take a hit with what appears to be an e-cigarette as he strolls through the empty store. “A Hispanic male, approximately 15 to 18 years old, black shaggy hair, he was wearing a white hoodie with black pants and carrying a white and checked backpack,” said Bosworth.

According to police, he was seen on cameras inside the store before it's closing and then disappeared from view. “He hid himself in an area outside the cameras,” said Bosworth.

A few hours later, around 1 in the morning, he's back in view of surveillance.

It's not known whether he knew where the cameras were or just got lucky.


After nabbing the jewelry, the suspect was seen leaving the store through the back where he was met by security. “There were some words exchanged to get him to stop, but he just ran on foot,” said Bosworth. Whether he had a getaway vehicle or worked alone isn't known.

If you have any information like who his is or where the jewelry might be call police.