Burnet County Corrections Officer killed in traffic accident

Burnet County law enforcement is in mourning. Wednesday a corrections sergeant was killed in a crash as he made his way into work.

Flags at the Burnet County Jail and the sheriff's office were lowered Thursday to reflect the sadness felt over the loss of 29-year-old Sgt. Anthony Riddle.

"It's hard because it's like losing one of your own family members," said Deputy Chief Joe Canady.

Chief Deputy Joe Canady says the corrections employee was on his way to work Wednesday afternoon when he was killed in a crash on U.S. 281 south of Lampasas.

Markings on the road show where a truck crossed the center line and struck Riddle's car.

Canady says deputies have not left his body since.

"We have officers posted with the body because we don't want him to be there by himself," he said.

Riddle began working at the jail in 2011. Canady says Riddle was the type of employee who rare to find. Someone, who he says, just "got it."

"The setting in the jail type is hard getting someone that is able to work with the inmates because they're confined and they're not in their happy place and he was one of those people that could do that and very well," said Canady.

Canady says Riddle leaves behind a family that includes two toddler-aged sons.

"He cared for his family a tremendous amount. He was a great person overall," said Canady. "Just keep us in your thoughts and prayers."