Central Texas fire crews on high alert due to wildfire risk

While crews are fighting fires in Bastrop County, fire departments across Central Texas are on high alert and conscious of potential fires.

"We are very much on high alert and are anticipating wildfires," said Nick Perkins, Fire Chief with Travis County Emergency Services District #2.

Over at Travis County Emergency Services District #2, firefighters are taking the red flag warning seriously.

"We're actually staffing four brush trucks today and then, if we need to, we can reconfigure some of our resources and staff seven brush trucks," said Fire Chief Perkins.

On top of being ready for their own area, Chief Perkins says it is important to help other fire stations during this high fire danger. One of Travis County ESD’S brush trucks just got back from fighting the major fire in Bastrop where crews were there the majority of the day Tuesday and into the late evening.

"Directly attacking that fire, working in constant with the other resources that were on that fire which included airplanes, helicopters and dozers," he said.

Chief Perkins says it is important for the public to stay vigilant.

"For the public, they may see a fire and see it start out really small and not think about it in a matter of minutes that fire can double or triple and be moving very quickly and proximity to your house," he said.


Some important things to do is be prepared beforehand by having a plan.

"Know how to evacuate your neighborhood, you know where to go and have a go bag. In terms of evacuation, we want to make sure that you know at least two ways to get out of your neighborhood," said Chief Perkins.

Chief Perkins adds to be aware. He says dispose of smoking materials properly as well as coals after barbecuing. Also, hot work like welding, cutting and torching can start a fire.

"We're just asking everybody to take these things really seriously, regardless of where you live in Travis County. We do have a wildfire threat throughout the entire county," he said.