Temperatures dip in Central Texas due to cold front

It's officially that time of year when you bring out your coats and winter gear. 

The cold front is expected to be here for a couple of days and several central Texans say they are not so happy about it.

There's going to be some serious changes in the forecast this week. Temperatures are expected to dip down to the 40s by midnight, making this first taste of winter weather in central Texas this year.

"I'm not excited for the cold front. I'm a wimp. I like hot weather," says George Cofer.

The past couple of months it's been T-shirts and shorts kind of weather, but starting around midday on Sunday temperatures started to drop and Central Texans started to notice the change.


"We were laughing as we came across the Congress bridge that. Welcome to Texas. You know, we were at Boulder for brunch, and it was hot, and we just sat outside, and now it’s cool," says Cofer.

"Well, it's finally arrived. It's finally cooled off. We've had a hot summer and now that's changing," says Don.

Even though residents aren't so excited about the change they do say they're prepared.

"I have some firewood. I hope to have a fire in the yard," says Don.

"I just switched from a short-sleeved, warm T-shirt to three layers. And we've got our jackets of wool and we've got our raincoats, and we're ready," says Cofer.

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