Concrete boulder slams through Austin woman's windshield

Monday night, Katie Marek was headed home from an open house at the school she works at in Leander. She exited to Payton Gin Road, when she was taken by a startling surprise.

"A chunk of concrete came through my windshield and just exploded the glass before I got to the turnaround," she said.

The concrete block went through the windshield, and to the back of her SUV. "I had some glass in my eyes, in my mouth. It created a glassy dust. There was just dusting everywhere," said Marek.

Marek also had small cuts on her arm from the glass, but she feels lucky things were not worse. Uncomfortable staying at that location, she drove home and called the police the next morning.

"I went ahead and called to make sure this doesn't happen to anybody else," she said.

TxDOT tells FOX 7 Austin, the debris did not come from their bridge, creating a mystery...and many possibilities. "It had yellow paint on it so it kind of looks like a chunk of curb. It had old rebar markings under it. The only thing you can speculate is maybe a truck didn't have their lid covering the load and it fell off at 9:00 at night, or maybe somebody chunked a rock out of a moving vehicle," said Marek.

She is glad the block didn't hit just a few inches more to the left, possibly killing her.

She is sending a message to all drivers, to be careful and remain aware.