No injuries reported after crane collapse at Taylor Samsung facility

"Safety is our top priority" is branded on the walls of the Taylor Samsung plant.

Samsung said safety precautions already in place may have prevented a crane collapse from turning into something much worse.

"I'm glad that, whatever happened, nobody got injured and that everybody is okay," said Jesus Sanchez, a construction worker who’s not affiliated with Samsung.

Samsung officials said, around 1 p.m. on Friday, a crane operator noticed mechanical issues.

While working on repairs, the boom, or the taller part of the crane, fell out of control to the ground.

The company said it had already put up fencing around it as a precaution.

"Anything can happen," said Justin Jones, a construction worker who’s not affiliated with Samsung. "Slightest nick, anything, and it’s really scary to a point that you know you want to make sure everybody is okay. They want to come home just as much as they came to work. They want to see their family."

Justin Jones and Jesus Sanchez work in solar construction together.

"We’re all family, you know, and like I said, we got to look out for each other," said Sanchez.

Samsung said everyone is returning home safely on Friday night.

The building also remains untouched, so the incident won't have an impact on its plan to be operational by the end of this year, as it's expected to invest billions into the economy.


"I'm glad everybody is okay," said Jones.

Samsung said a third party operated the crane. 

Representatives of Samsung were not sure of the name of that company, but said it is working with OSHA to investigate.