Taylor Samsung chip plant hires at Williamson County job fair

The Samsung chip plant in Taylor is getting closer to opening. 

Bold-lettered "we're hiring" signs signaled some of the next big steps for the semiconductor plant on Saturday.

"Our goal today is, first off, to let the community know we are hiring locally," said Michele Glaze, the director of communications and community affairs for Samsung Austin Semiconductor. "There's great talent here in eastern Williamson County and Taylor, Texas, so we want them to know that Samsung is interested in hiring them."

Samsung announced its decision to build a $17 billion semiconductor factory in November 2021.

It will create chips, which are in phones and computers. The company expects the plant to bring in at least 2000 employees.

"To be able to bring the, you know, the business structure that that is bringing, the people that it's bringing to support the local businesses and the infrastructure that it will provide, I bet our economic growth, that is huge," said Rachael Westerman, the membership and operations director for the Taylor Chamber of Commerce.

While operations won't begin until the end of 2024, the hiring process starts now.


"Ranging from entry level positions such as technicians or a financial account all the way to the more experienced engineering roles," said Glaze.

Among Samsung Austin's hiring table on Saturday were 13 others tied closely to its work.

"Central Texas has been a really big part of our growth for EPCOR for the last seven years or so, Williamson County in particular," said Matt Atwood, the senior communications advisor for EPCOR utilities.

EPCOR is the industrial water provider for Samsung Austin. It's also building a reclamation facility.

"We're looking at filling about over 100 employees full time between Taylor and the greater Central Texas area," said Atwood.

Organizers said more than 1000 people walked through the Williamson County Expo Center Saturday to check out the almost two dozen businesses' hiring, including Samsung.

The Taylor Chamber of Commerce said there’s no better time to remember that "there's no place like home" to work.

"We wanted to make sure that as the community grows, as the business community grows, that people know that there are job opportunities in Taylor," said Westerman.

The fair ended Saturday afternoon, but Westerman said a "work in Taylor" website with available jobs from members of the chamber of commerce is coming soon.