Cute for a cause: Designers create fashionable face masks

Until a vaccine is developed, we may need to wear face masks for at least a year and as a result, they may become a fact of daily life.

Fashion designers are taking the opportunity to make masks that are useful and fashionable. 

It's the newest fashion trend: the face mask. 

We'll have to wear them for months, possibly a year from now, and some are using it as an opportunity for fierce accessorizing.

Brittany Ellis and Kenicia Cross are clothing designers turned face mask fashionistas.


The creators of Sports and Sparkles took their sewing skills and style savviness and began making these chic and one of a kind face masks. 

Chains, sequins, you name it, they'll make it. They each have a filter inside. 

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But, they're not the only ones creating gorgeous pieces. 

Designer Anna Kiss puts appliques and jewels on her masks.  You can find them on


Also, there is Ella from Blond Melrose. She uses designer labels to sew these couture coverings. 


Face masks are the perfect accessory, but their purpose is beyond cosmetic. It helps slow the spread of the virus, but it can also help spread much-needed joy. 

Keep in mind, in terms of effectiveness, the best mask to get is an N95 which stops 95 percent of particles. Surgical masks are the next best thing and then cloths face masks. They stop large particles, but that still means you need to stay 6 feet apart when out in public. 

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