Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson raises questions about ex-city manager's severance pay

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson is questioning if former city manager T.C. Broadnax should receive nearly half a million dollars in severance pay.

A memo from Johnson to a city attorney obtained by FOX 4 questioned the nature of Broadnax's departure.

Broadnax resigned from his position on February 21, which was labeled as an "involuntary separation" after city council members allegedly asked him to step down.

That characterization activated a clause in Broadnax's contract in which he's entitled to a year's pay.


The city manager's salary was $423,246 at the time of his departure.

In the memo, Johnson questioned whether Broadnax's resignation was truly an "involuntary separation." 

The mayor cited media reports that the city manager initiated his exit from the city.

"If this is indeed the case – as the available evidence currently supports – it is wholly inaccurate to characterize Mr. Broadnax's separation as ‘involuntary,’" reads the memo from Johnson.

Broadnax was named a finalist for Austin's city manager position 13 days after he resigned from Dallas. He was hired and began working for the City of Austin earlier this month.

Johnson and Broadnax had butted heads in the past, with Johnson calling for Broadnax's firing in 2022

The former city manager is also believed to be behind efforts by the City of Austin's efforts to poach Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia.

Broadnax has not commented publicly on the claims.

He worked for the City of Dallas for 7 years.