Deadline closes in on $1 million lottery winner

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A $1 million winning lottery ticket purchased in Austin has yet to be claimed, and the winner only has until 5pm Wednesday to get the prize.

The Mega Millions ticket was purchased at the Valero on the corner of William Canon and Brush Country Road. 

If the ticket holder doesn't contact the Texas Lottery before the deadline, all that money will be forfeited. 

“I'd be devastated. That's a shame not to claim that or even look at your ticket to see, just to check,” said Juan Barajas who frequents the Valero station, but doesn’t play the lottery.  

“That's sad. I hope they find it, someone shuffles around and realizes it. It could be washed, could be… who knows?” said frequent lottery player William Moody.  

The winning numbers are 16-22-40-41-59 with Mega Ball 8. Five of those numbers matched the $1 million ticket sold at Valero. The drawing was held December 1, 2017. 
“That's a long time,” Moody said.  

It isn't the first winning ticket sold at the Valero on William Canon and Brush Country Road. In 2016, another lucky lotto player hit the $1 million prize after buying a ticket at the same gas station. That prize was claimed. 

“It's a lucky store,” said Barajas.   

“I never buy here,” said Moody, who said he is considering purchasing tickets at the Valero sporadically now.  

Texas Lottery executives said the deadline can only be extended for certain eligible military personnel. 

If the winning ticket is not turned in, the prize money will go towards state programs. That includes programs for public education and veterans, but lottery staff encouraged everyone to look through old tickets before time runs out. 

“Check your ticket. It's like you're going to check your paycheck,” Moody said. 

“I would hope they claim it, that's for sure, I mean, that's just such a loss,” said Barajas.  

With the odds of matching five numbers on a Mega Millions drawing at about 1 in 17 million, this could be a once in a lifetime prize for whoever has it. 

“It's not me though…no chance,” Moody said. 

Texas Lottery officials said if or when the winner finds the ticket, he or she should immediately sign the back and then contact the Texas Lottery to claim the $1 million prize.