Del Valle celebrates seniors at Circuit of the Americas

As the school year ends, seniors are getting ready for the next chapter in life. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, many graduation ceremonies are looking a little different this year, Including ceremonies for Del Valle ISD.

The school district will still hold its virtual graduation, but parents, staff, and community rallied together to make a one-of-a-kind celebration. 

“These kids didn't have the year that turned out,” said Gabrielle Gamez, a mother to a graduating senior. “But, at least we can bring them this.” 

At Circuit of the Americas, graduating seniors decorated their cars and drove through family and friends who sent them off with praise. 

“We’re showing them that even when things aren’t working out the way they thought they would, they may turn out even better," said Del Valle ISD Superintendent Dr. Annette Tille. 

Travis County Constable George Morales said a celebration like this makes it more exciting. “They are the first to do something different so they can end their school year on a positive note,” he said.

Kalyn Willis is a graduating senior and says she didn't expect her graduation to look like this, but knew after the year her class experienced, it was bound to be good. 

“I had the feeling that class of 2020 was going to go out with a bang,” Willis said. 

Willis added that while her and her friends may not be getting the “traditional” graduation ceremony, she said it falls into place with the rest of her senior year. 

“It’s different being on this side of history,” Willis said. “Instead of learning it, you’re living it.”