Dozens gather to rally in support of Daunte Wright in NW Austin

Saturday afternoon community members gathered in Northwest Austin to continue to fight against police injustice.

Black Lives Matter Austin held a rally in support of Daunte Wright and others who have lost their lives at the hands of police. 

The dozen or so who gathered at Alderbrook Pocket Park said enough is enough. 

"I want accountability for murder," said Mattie, a supporter with the group. 

Mattie said by holding events like this, in community spaces, show that these are your neighbors and friends who are supporting and fighting for reform.  

"These are our neighborhoods, this is where we live as well, so not to fear each other as much," Mattie said. However, during the rally, not all agreed. 

"You guys are just trying to stir up the pot, that's all you're doing," said one woman. 

One woman, who was driving by, got out of her car to tell the group to get out of her neighborhood. 

"You guys are starting trouble, you need to go home and take care of your own families," she said. "If you take care of your own families you won't have as much trouble." 



However, not all were vocal towards the group.

The Wind Therapy Freedom Riders were there for the duration of the rally. They told FOX 7 AUSTIN that whether they agree with the message or not, they believe everyone has the right to rally and protest. 

"We love when people take their First Amendment right to heart," said Luis Rodriguez, the club's national president. "A lot of this country was built on the freedom to protest. The problem that we have is when it turns violent." 

Adding while they are a pro-police group, they are against police brutality. 

"Do black lives matter? Absolutely." Rodriguez said. "It's not by race, the only people that claim to see race are racists, we see character." 

Mattie said however the message gets across, as long as one person hears it, it can make a difference. 

"You know not everyone will believe or get behind that. But you hope if one person does, you made a little bit of difference that day," said Mattie.