East Austin crowd reacts to Tuesday World Cup win

Hundreds of fans watched the game at Haymaker in East Austin to see if the US Women's National soccer team could pull off another win. 

Savannah Hillen, bar manager at Haymaker, says they had to staff four to five times more than an average day in order to prepare for Tuesday afternoon and will probably continue to do the same for the rest of the USA games. 

“We were expecting it to be big but obviously it’s huge on a Tuesday so we’re really excited,” Hillen says.

The manager says they've been gearing up for today for at least a month. 

“We’ll be open, we’ll be showing the games, we’ll have video, we’ll have sound everywhere for everyday that they play. Hopefully we’ll get a crowd in every game,” she said.

She says the main thing people like to order when they watch, are chicken wings, beer beer and more beer.

The American Outlaws – Austin chapter helped organize Tuesday afternoon’s watch party. They support the United States men’s and women’s soccer teams.

Member Dan Wiersema called Austin an "incredible market for soccer".

"They've always showed up for World Cup Watch. the ratings are incredible whether it's English premiere league or major league soccer or the us men's women's national team this city loves soccer and this is the best soccer bar in town so it's the perfect energy for us,” Wiersema said.

“It’s about 200 people here at 2 o clock on a Tuesday so I’m excited,” member Josh Molleur adds.

Andy Loughnane, president of Austin FC, says in the near future fans in Austin can have that same feeling, right in their backyard.

“There’s something special about being inside of a soccer venue," Loughnane said. "The amount of chanting, singing, standing, the noise level the intensity levels it’s just something special that’s not represented in sports. For those that live in Austin that haven’t gotten a chance to experience it we’re going to be bringing it in 2021 and that’s quite special."