eBay, Zoom to cut more jobs

More tech layoffs are ahead.

EBay, based in San Jose, announced this week it's cutting 500 jobs, about 4% of its workforce. And, 1,300 jobs are being cut at Zoom, also based on San Jose. That's 15% of its workforce.

The company CEO said the decision was made after  "looking at the business landscape," and that job cuts will actually strengthen eBay's ability to deliver better experiences to customers".

Instead, eBay will shift its resources toward areas like new technologies and customer innovations.

Zoom's CEO said, just like the rest of the world, the company has to adjust to "life after the pandemic" and an "uncertain global economy." 

During the pandemic, Zoom hired more people, with many working from home.

The CEO also cut his salary by 98% and won't get a bonus.

These layoffs follow similar job cuts at Twitter, Google, PayPal, Meta, Microsoft, Salesforce and Amazon, to name a few.