Family of man recently found in Lady Bird Lake wants answers

The family of a man found dead in Lady Bird Lake on April 15 wants answers. They want to know what happened and how their loved one ended up in the lake.

Reegan Aparicio and Chris Clark grew up in East Austin and met at Eastside Memorial High School.

"Everyone who knows him, know him as the class clown, super, super smart, super athletic, super outdoorsy, he loved camping," Aparicio said.

Aparicio and Clark have a son together.

"He was the love of my life, my son’s father, and I just don’t think that, I just want answers," Aparicio said.

She said she saw Clark on Easter Sunday, but just six days later he was found dead in Lady Bird Lake.

"I don’t know how he would end up there, that’s the concern, I don’t know, and I don’t think that he took himself there from knowing Chris," Aparicio said.


"It gives you so many weird possibilities and scenarios like what could have happened, how’d he get in there, did somebody push him, did he jump, you just start thinking so many things," Clark’s cousin Jazmine Parker said.

They said they don’t have answers.

"All we know is what we’re being told and what you guys are seeing in the world and we’re here and we’re seeking for answers, and we just want to let the world know that whatever happened to him, we are going to fight for him, we are going to get justice for him," Aparicio said.

Aparicio and Parker now become part of an unfortunate group of family members whose loved ones have been found in Lady Bird Lake. Four bodies have been found in just two months.

"I do want to find out what’s going on at that lake because obviously something’s going on," Aparicio said.

The Medical Examiner has not released the autopsy reports for any of the bodies found in the past two months, so the causes of death are still unknown. The Austin Police Department said they don’t suspect foul play.


"For the cops to say they don’t know, I feel like they do know because it’s been too many people for so many years," Aparicio said.

Aparicio is warning others to be careful.

"We all are a community, and we need to be trying to stick together so something like this doesn’t continue to happen because families are hurting, I’m devastated," Aparicio said.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help pay for funeral expenses.