FBI says Steven Boehle wanted to attack APD officers

An Austin man believed to be planning some sort of mass shooting was back in Federal Court on Monday.
This time, the judge ordered him to stay in jail.
50-year-old Steven "Duke" Boehle had a different judge this time, Federal Judge Sam Sparks. Monday morning, Judge Sparks heard new details from an FBI agent's testimony.
The agent said Boehle allegedly wanted to mutilate Austin Police officers and bring down the police station.
The agent told the court Boehle considered himself "undead" so APD wouldn't be able to do anything to him.
It's unclear whether this was the big attack Boehle was planning. 
But regardless, Judge Sparks ruled Boehle stays in jail. Sparks told his attorney he can appeal when Boehle gets a mental exam he can look at.